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May 8, 2024

Key points to consider when choosing your migration agent in Australia

Registered Migration Agent provides an essential service in assisting migrants to navigate Australia’s visa system. They can help reunite families, assist people seeking asylum, and facilitate the migration of those people with the qualities and skills Australia need to shape Australian community, grow Australian business and support Australian jobs.

Whether you are in Australia on a Temporary/Permanent visa or planning to come to Australia as an international student, a tourist, or on a skilled visa, a Registered Migration Agent can help many way to improve your success.

Thanks to Australian Government’s very informative websites and visa processing system, an individuals can easily process their Australian visa process on their own. yet most of the people prefer taking services of an Registered migration agent. It is because Australian migration process is complex, easy to make mistake, the worry of being unsuccessful on the process which could have prolonged consequences. Even Though, Appointing a Registered migration agent not solely guarantee the visa success but Registered migration agent by using their knowledge in Australian Migration Law, legislation, policies, training and professional experience could make the success rate much higher.

When you appoint a Registered migration agent for your visa/migration matter, you must keep certain points in your consideration; following points will help you find the right Registered migration agent and avoid any possibilities of fraud that is very likely to happen in this field of business. Here are the key points to consider when choosing a Registered migration agent in Australia.

Verify the active registration:

Registered migration agents are regulated by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), which is part of the Department of Home Affairs (the Department).

When you appoint a migration agent, you must make sure that your Migration Agent is registered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). You must ask their Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN), You should verify that your Migration Agents registration is Active on the OMARA website.  If you do not have their Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN), You could easily use agent’s Name/business name/ business location to verify their registration status by using the search engine on this link - . You also could scan the QR Code on the agent's registration certificate if available.

If that agent’s registration status is not active on the OMARA website, then they are not Registered Migration agent in Australia.

It is unlawful to provide immigration assistance in Australia unless registered with the OMARA, or exempt under the Migration Act 1958 (the Migration Act). Those who do so can be investigated and prosecuted by the Australian Border Force (ABF) or the Australian Federal Police.

To avoid fraud and risking your visa, do not take any migration assistance/advice from an Unregistered Migration Agent.

Agent’s field of expertise:

Not all migration agents provide all the services, or they do not have a specialty in serving specific culture, community and region.

For example, if you are looking to get student visa services, look for an agent who provides these services and dealt with many successful cases from your country or community, understand your documents and processing, have profound knowledge about your culture, country and so on.

Your agent might have experience with a success rate, but when it comes to your visa matter, you must seek assistance from an expert in your visa with whom you can communicate better and have a better understanding about it.

Agent’s Success Rate

Your Registered Migration Agent’s Visa success rate matters. You may check their  Facebook and Google Review pages. Go through the good and bad rating reviews, also check overall rating. Use your common sense while going through the reviews as not all bad review reflects the true story. A client may put a very bad review (just because the visa application was not successful) regardless of the standard of the service.

You may also collect information regarding your Migration Agent from your friends, social media group and from someone use that agent or agency’s service.

Ratings & Reviews

Social media plays a big role in the reputation of a business, migration agents are no exception.

Whether you are looking for an individual MARA or an agency, you must check out the reviews and ratings on their social media platforms.

It but would help you a great deal in decision making. If possible check references also could help you in decision making. You also must look for an agent, who can provide you service efficiently, effectively, keep you up to date about your case and response your queries promptly.


Your affordability is a very big factor in choosing your Registered Migration agent for service. You may take consultation from 2-3 migration agents and go with the one that suits your needs and budget. You should keep in mind that, most migration agent will charge for their consultation, which could cost you a lot if you take too many paid consultation before choosing one. Find best Migration Agent in Sydney

Above mentioned points should help you to choose a right migration agent for Australia.

Please note, migration agents are not those person who made decisions on your visa application, Therefore, an migration agent can’t guarantee your visa grant.

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