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May 8, 2024

Common mistakes that could cost your visa

Nothing will make you happier than getting a visa to the country you want! A visa rejection/cancelation, on the other hand, will be heart breaking. A visa rejection/cancelation have serious negative consequences and difficulties in getting another visa in the future.

Our experience suggest, in many cases such serious consequence could be avoidable with appropriate preparation and little care. Preparing and lodging an application may seems very simple and easy process but getting a visa granted is not that easy as its sounds. Mistakes could be happen unintentionally or deliberately, any deliberate mistake/false/misleading information should be avoided at all time.

Your Registered Migration Agent is expert in this process and equipped with professional training, knowledge and experience. Your Registered Migration Agent cant guarantee the visa success but using a Registered Migration Agent in your application process will increases your chances of getting the visa.

Your visa approval depend on various matter. Any mistakes in the application process could cost your positive visa outcomes. From our experience, there are some mistakes which should be avoided for a better visa outcomes.

Providing False/misleading Information

Providing false/misleading information in your application could result in visa rejection/cancellation or band for any other visa application. Visa case officer have experience and resources in catching false/ misleading information you have provided. If your case officer convinced that you have provided  false/ misleading information, there will have no chances to get your visa approved. Further, even you get your visa approved, that could be cancelled while you are on that visa or in another visa.

It is not that everyone who successfully gets their visa approved, provided 100% true/accurate information but it is strongly recommended to provide true and accurate information with your visa application.

Warning: It is an offence under Australian migration Act and Regulation to deliberately make, or cause to make, a false or misleading statement, or conceal circumstances in relation to an application.

Not Providing enough/relevant Support Documents

To make a visa decision, your case officer relies on your supporting documents and other related matters. Your case officer needs all the supporting documents to convince himself to grant you visa. If you failed to provide relevant supporting documents then will obviously fail to convince yor case officer to grant you a visa.Your visa application should be decision ready, do not wait for your case officer to request for it. Case officer have power to take decision relying on which ever you have provide already. Therefore, you may never have a request for any supporting documents but get a visa refusal. Preparing and providing your all the supporting documents at the time of application is strongly recommended.   Your registered migration agent will be able to provide you with a complete documents checklist you may need for your visa according to your circumstances. It is applicants responsibility to provide them.

Hiring a Non-Registered Agent

Hiring a Registered Migration agent could help you to avoid many mistakes as they are expert in this field. So-called registered migration agents, who are not registered as active with OMARA could put your visa and life in jeopardy. Please take extra care when you choosing your Registered migration agent. Always check their active registration on the OMARA website

Providing contradictory documents:

All provided supporting documents should be matched with your story, arguments as well as align with other supporting documents. If your provided documents do not serve its purpose then those may cause a negative impact on your visa outcomes. You're also should be carful that your different documents do not tell different story. In case any documents are not showing exact information as it should be then it should have proper explanation with it. Your case officer may not have any idea about your country system or its documents so it is your responsibility convince your case officer with relevant supporting documents.

For example, in various documents, your name could be written differently e.g. in a short format or had typing mistake which could not be changed at this time. Without proper supporting documents and explanation, your visa may be refused as you failed to establish your identity.

Not providing translating documents:

It is your responsibility to prepare the documents according to the requirements. Some general requirements could be, translated in English, certified, colour scan and so no. preparing documents accordingly will maximize your chances of getting your visa approved.

Not responding within the provided time limit

In many cases, your case officer may request further supporting documents. Each request would come with time limits to the response. If no responses could be maid within that duration, the case officer may give a negative decision of your application as you failed to provide any supporting documents on time. This situation could easily avoidable by checking your emails (including spam folder), provide a postal address where you can get your posts, respond on time, even you may always request extra time if required (giving you extra time is your case officers discretional power) more time to prepare those documents.  

Overconfidence/Taking too easy
we have seen many clients get their visa refused just because of overconfidence. Their arguments are, I have had this visa for many years/ never been refused any visa/ I have enough money to satisfy and so on. Please keep in mind that, each time you put an application for a visa, its eligibility should be meet at the time of decision. Case officer checks your eligibility at the time of your new visa decision, in most cases case officer do not consider how many times you have travelled that county, how much money you have if you failed to satisfy the case officer with proper supporting documents then your visa refusal risk is high. Please take extra care and treat your every visa application with due respect.

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