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August 3, 2021
Student Visa

Useful Tips to maximize the chance of your student visa approval

Getting your student visa approved is not as easy as securing your enrolment.  Nothing is more devastating, waste of money and valuable for a student than a study visa refusal.

Even though visa can not be guaranteed, but the following tips increase your prospects of getting positive visa outcomes of your student visa application.

Seek assistance from a Registered Migration Agent

It is one of the best options you could use to maximize the chances of your visa grant. A migration agent uses his/her knowledge, expertise, training, up to date information and experience to help their clients to succeed in the visa process.

Many people may provide you with some information regarding your visa process as well as Australian immigration websites but registered migration agent is expert in this field and they are trained for it so using their expertise for your visa processing will provide you with a fighting chance to win the case.

In the process of Hiring a registered agent, you must make sure that you hired a Registered migration agent whose registration is active and could be verified on the OMARA website and have expertise on your relevant visa matter.

Choose Relevant course of study:

A Registered migration agent and his/her associate education agent can provide you with the options you may have to study the course of your choice considering your plan, previous study and work experience, migration pathway prospects, financial capacity, current & previous visa history.

Strong, logical statement of purpose (SOP)

A convincing statement op purpose play a vital role in our visa decision. Your SOP must include logical and practical explanations of why you choose that course of study, why that specific country for your further study, relevant courses available in your current country of residence, what is the future benefits for you to study our chosen course of study, any relation with your current/previous study and work experience, future implications of the knowledge of your course of study and how you will be benefited financial/ employment/business purpose from this study.

A Registered migration agent may help you with their expert advice and guidelines but a Statement of purpose (SOP) should be written by the student using their knowledge, research and expertise.

Preparing & providing supporting Documents accordingly

Required supporting documents depends on the visa subclass, your visa history, previous, current & future study, marital status, the country you are applying for and so on. Preparing your supporting documents according to the requirements is vital for a suitable visa decision as a case officer will assess those documents very carefully to make a decision. A clear Presentation of your supporting documents will help the case officer to understand your documents easily without creating any confusion. If a case officer failed to verify and unable to understand your provided supporting documents and underlying connection to your visa application, there will be a high risk of your visa application to be refused. Preparing and providing your supporting documents accordingly will help to reduce the processing time. A Registered Migration Agent is a person who can help you most in this regards than anyone else.

Evidence of Financial capacity

Your Registered Migration Agent will be able to give you a clear-cut idea about the funds you may need to support your visa application, what type of funds will be acceptable, who could be your sponsor, how and when to provide them.

Your Registered Migration Agent may successfully dealt with many other visa applicants like you from your country, therefore they have experience regarding what type to documents produces a better result and they may help you by sharing their expertise, idea and suggestions. Your Registered Migration Agent is not the person who prepare the financial documents for you but they are helping you to present your financial documents in a suitable way to help your positive visa outcome.

Prepared for Interview (if any)

Your Registered Migration Agent may able to help you to prepare for any visa interview (if any) for better outcomes. By evaluating your history, course of study, supporting documents, your Registered Migration Agent will able to indicate your week and strong points also may help you to improve those weekness if required.

You or your Registered Migration Agent do not have control on the visa outcomes but a strong SOP, good supporting documents, presentation and timely communication with the Immigration authority will give you a better chances of getting your visa approved.

In case you are looking for a student visa to Australia, please feel free to contact us.

Wish you all the best with your student visa process.