Education and Training

Course Description

Course in education and training prepares students for the real-world where students will train to become confident facilitators of learning.

  • 13 Australian Universities are ranked in world’s top 100 schools for Education
  • Education and Training is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries
  • Since 2010, the Australian Government has invested billions into schools to help build Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs)

What is education and training?

Courses in education and training prepares students for the real-world where students will train to become confident facilitators of learning. Students will develop strong skills in communication and organisation, and expertise in a range of topics to teach learners at various stages of life. Inside this field, students can choose to be an educator in:

  • Early childhood learning
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Vocational training
  • Higher education

Undergraduate Course:

Studying at an undergraduate level in this field, students learn best practice teaching techniques on a variety of topics.

Students learn how to confidently and creatively present information as well as how to facilitate learning for students of all ages. A Bachelor in Primary Education and Bachelor in Secondary Education are two of the most common degrees in this field.

Most Australian institutions offer work experience and supervised work placements which prepares students to be classroom ready. A portion of the degree will be work placement where students will gain real life experience in leading classrooms, learning and supporting student development.

Postgraduate/research Course:

Further study in this field provides students with the skills to become a successful leader in the education sector.

A Master of Education (Research) is designed for teachers and education professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skillset and become an education professor within high education institutions.

What could my future look like?

Australia is home to a range of education institutions – childcare, kindergarten, preschool, primary school, high school, university, TAFE and VET.

Employment opportunities for education and training are diverse. A degree in the education and training field can be a rewarding profession that sees students transform lives and inspire futures.


After graduations, students should be qualified and get skills assessed as suitable for Australian standard.

The teaching profession in the skills lists are:

  • Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Special Needs Teacher
  • University Lecturer
  • Vocational Education Teacher
  • Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages


189 - Skilled Independent (subclass 189)

190 - Skilled Nominated (subclass 190)

491 - Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491)

494 - Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (subclass 494)

485 - Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) - Graduate Work

482 - Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482)

186 - Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

407 - Training (subclass 407)